Friday, 13 February 2015

A Love Ballad

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday, I had some computer issues. They're fixed now, so I'm back to posting!

For those who don't know, my birthday is on Sunday, February 15th. For those still awake, that is in fact the day after Valentine's Day, which is pretty interesting. I was telling my dad earlier today that Valentine's Day is both the worst and best holiday of the year. In some aspects, Valentine's Day showcases the best of society. The concept of Valentine's Day is fantastic and whoever came up with the idea should be commended. The holiday celebrates one of humanities strangest emotions: love. As quite a bit of literature states, love is incredibly powerful. The holiday itself, however, is just a waste. Somehow some idiots out there thought that the best way to celebrate love is to make tons and tons of candy. How does that make any sense? Valentine's Day means something to us all, and it's much more complicated than balloons or candy. Valentine's Day is a celebration of all the members of our lives that we cherish the most, and let's all agree to keep it that way.


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