Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Big Dog

When Rascal first arrived at our house he was dwarfed both in size and stature by the big fat pug. Rascal stayed as the baby of our house until a couple years ago, when we brought in the little baby girl, Emma. Because of how miniature in size Emma is, Rascal quickly became known as the big dog, something of an irony considering he only tips the scale at about 12 pounds. But Rascal's nickname is more than just a piece of humor, it's a true fact. Rascal is made by the size of his heart and his caring nature. Rascal is always going to be my dog because of the connection that we share and his many impressive qualities. Rascal enjoys every second and takes nothing for granted. He is the sweetest dog that I will ever know, and that is a true FACT.


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