Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Favorite Moment in TV History

Now, I'm not much of a movies kind of guy. Movies can be fun, but so many of them seem to repeat each other with no unique ideas being involved. I love TV shows much more than movies because of the extra time allowed to the writers and producers to develop over years and years of time. My favorite TV show is American Dad, which was created by animation comedy genius Seth McFarlane. He is better known for his work with Family Guy, but I prefer American Dad much more as it contains much better characters and overall development. American Dad focuses around a family, as most of Seth McFarlane's show do, that is both traditional and completely radical. The family is lead by Stan Smith, who works at the CIA. This is about all the description I want to give, if you want to learn more about the show you can look it up.  My favorite moment from American Dad comes from season 2, episode 11 entitled "American Dream Factory". In this episode, Stan feels he is not moving up the ladder at his work and goes into a sort of mid-life crisis. He decides to finally enter his "dream profession" of  making festive teddy bears for the holidays. The problem is that, on his own, he is not able to make the bears fast enough to come out on time. It is at this point when Stan discovers the wonders of illegal workers, learning that he has to pay very little for their services. Eventually, the Feds catch wind Stan's business and attempt to shut him down. Acting quickly, Stan lies and says the workers are a part of his son's previously disbanded band, which is a story for another time. In order to keep up the facade, his son and the illegal workers perform "Country Roads" at the July Fourth episode. It really is a fantastic moment and a true display of how well animated characters can capture emotions on a screen. Stan realizes that the illegal Mexicans are true Americans just like him, and causes a distraction to get them to safety, giving up on his festive teddy bear dream. At the end of the episode, he sets them loose into West Virgina, where nobody apparently cares about citizenship. It's a fantastic piece of television, and if you're interested in animated comedy I would recommend checking both the episode and the whole series out.

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