Tuesday, 2 February 2016

WWE: The Ambrose Asylum

I know I haven't posted on this blog in a really long time, but I do want to bring it back. I'm planning on restricting my "A" blog, Otterworld, to the big series ideas with a careful schedule, and I'll post on this blog whenever I have something to share. I'll also include a category, if you will, in the title that tells the reader what this post is about, so you can skip it if you aren't interested in the subject. As you can see, today's topic is the WWE, which has found a home on Otterworld, so I wanted to share so of my thoughts off-script, if you will.

It's pretty common knowledge that the WWE is suffering through one of the biggest crises in a long time, with seemingly half the roster out injured at the moment, and the biggest event of the year in 2 months. However, I've come up with a sure-fire main event angle, that could not only serve to get WWE's hottest star massively over, but provide a great closing to 'Mania.

At Fastlane, the main event is a triple threat match between former champ Roman Reigns, IC Champ Dean Ambrose, and that other guy. The winner of this match will head to 'Mania to face Trips for the belt. Now, the obvious assumption is that Reigns will get the fall, Dean will take the fall, and Brock Lesnar will do some Wyatt stuff. Reigns has been given chance after chance, and the audience has yet to really connect with him. Having him go over at 'Mania is a horrible idea, as it furthers the idea that Vince wants to push Roman to the moon. You can have Roman win at 'Mania, but you can't do it in the main event. There is someone that can, however, and that's Dean Ambrose, the subject of this post.

Since the ending of the Shield, Ambrose was the forgotten man, with Rollins holding the belt and Reigns with Vince at his side. At the end of last year's 'Mania, it was like the WWE completely forgot Ambrose existed, giving Reigns and Rollins the main event rub. With the Rollins heel turn, one of Reigns or Ambrose was going to have to be the main face, and the WWE has desperately attempted to make that Reigns. Reigns has failed, somewhat spectacularly, to fill that role and it's time Ambrose got his shot.

How do this work? It's actually pretty simple. At Fastlane, have Ambrose pin Roman after Trips interferes. The following night, Triple H otherwise occupies Ambrose's time, perhaps screwing out of the Intercontinental belt, while he orchestrates an assault on Reigns, ensuring Ambrose will not have any backup. Ambrose will have lost everything at the cost of his big win, and goes on an absolute tear, ending with him winning the belt and receiving one of the biggest pops of the last decade. Knowing the WWE, though, they're likely to copy this exact story, but just reverse Reigns and Ambrose. We can only hope, as Ambrose winning the belt at 'Mania would be an awesome moment.

I'll have a part 2 to this post, explaining why Ambrose is the next top face in a company that desperately needs one. Hopefully you've enjoyed, and I'll see you next time.


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