Wednesday, 17 February 2016

WWE: I've Got Some Bad News!! :(

Yep, this is yet another crushing blow for me. Between this recent news and Daniel Bryan's retirement(I decided not to make a post since so many others already had), two of the wrestlers who were in my top ten will no longer be competing for the WWE in a couple of months. It's hard to describe just how disheartened I feel, but I'll attempt to put it in words.

For those who missed it, Stu Bennett, aka Wade Barrett, has announced that he will not be resigning with the WWE when his contract expires in a few months. Barrett was first introduced to WWE audiences in 2010 in the earliest incarnation of NXT, and was the leader of the group known as the Nexus that invaded the main roster later that year. After a famous burial at Summerslam, the group's momentum petered out, and Barrett would end up flying solo for most of the rest of his time in the company. He's had several gimmicks that got him pretty high up the card, but a combination of bad booking and injuries meant that he never moved past midcard status.

I've mentioned before that I began watching wrestling in 2009, and the Nexus' run in 2010 was what made me the fan I am today. Throughout all his many hardships, I've remained a loyal Barrett fan, and one that always wanted to see a massive push. He has remained one of the hardest workers in the company, and likely still has a massive future ahead. Despite that, this is still some pretty horrible news. Barrett will go down in WWE's history as one of their misused talents that could have been something with a proper push, but John Cena made sure that would never happen. This isn't the time or place for a rant, but this is one of the many reasons I will never be a Cena fan.

I'm sure Barrett will find work elsewhere, and will likely be one of the many WWE flops who turns out better on the indies. However, it is every wrestler's dream to work under the bright lights and every fan's dream to see him or her there, and he will never get another job as good as this one. That's about all I can manage.

Although this is sad news, there could be hope in the future for Wade Barrett. As I already mentioned, between this and Bryan's retirement, I'm a pretty unhappy wrestling fan at the moment. Stay tuned for my review of Fastlane, which airs on Sunday.


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