Sunday, 15 May 2016

WWE: The Reigns Report

(Note: This is a scouting report on WWE wrestler Joe Anoa'i, aka Roman Reigns. Most of the content of this report is purely opinion, and should be treated as such. Please make Roman look strong.)

Real Name: Joe Anoa'i

Wrestling Alias: Roman Reigns

Debut: July 2010

Accomplisments: 3 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion, one time WWE Tag Team Champion, winner of 2015 Royal Rumble and 2014 Superstar of the Year, holds the Royal Rumble record for eliminations with 12

Report as of: May 2016


* Seems to have a bright future. Has what scouts call the "look", well built, can get over with average fans, athletic background, seems to have a lot of support in the back.

* Whilst not being a mat technician, is a very solid worker. Great work ethic, seems to work well with almost everyone on the roster, extremely safe.

* Athleticism plays well into repertoire, very flashy moveset for a guy of his size. Young enough that there's no concern about wear and tear, at least for now.

* Has a strong connection with the kids in the audience. Part of every wrestler's job is to connect and build a younger fanbase, and he's done that incredibly well. Important to note that he connects well with the female fans as well, and in these ever-changing times, that could only be a good sign.


* Struggles on the mic, enough to consider bringing in a mouthpiece or pairing him with someone with more mic experience (See Moxley, Jon). Occasionally stumbles over lines, always needs scripting, and doesn't have the charisma to hold the audience.

* Does posses the ability to carry other workers, but not on a main-event level. If you're considering a push, might need to bring in some extra help (See Danielson, Bryan).

* Pure wrestling fans are going to be disappointed, as his flashy moves will not be able to cover up for his lack of mat skills.

* Extremely limited moveset, enough to be obviously noticeable. Perhaps called up from developmental a little too early, but a pairing with a veteran wrestler could be beneficial.

* Lacks the ability to play a true babyface. Is probably too one-dimensional at this point to truly capture a crowd, so heel is probably a better suited role, at least for now.

Short-Term Projection

I don't see what the WWE sees in this guy, at least in the short term. He lacks too much to be considered world title material, and could probably use some extra years in the midcard or the tag scene. A partnership with Jon Moxley, aka Dean Ambrose, is a very good idea, as the two seem to have excellent chemistry.

Long-Term Projection

Despite the drawbacks, he's only 30, and has plenty of upside. Looks like a future star, perhaps not a figurehead, but could be a bonafide main eventer in most organizations. Keep him away from a mic and just sit back, this guy could set the wrestling world on fire.


Henry Keys
Talent Scout
Currently Unemployed

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