Friday, 3 February 2017

My WrestleMania 33 Card

It has been a long time since I posted on this blog, but I finally found something to write about. Below is my personal fantasy WrestleMania 33 card. Keep in mind that this is completely fantasy booking, and is not at all based on WWE's content. It's just interesting matches that I would love to see.

John Cena(c) vs Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton- WWE Title

This could be an awesome triple threat, and would main event the show. I would imagine Wyatt and Orton would work together to take out Cena, only for The Viper to turn his back on Bray and walk out with the belt.

Kevin Owens(c) vs Goldberg- Universal Title

A match that's been heavily rumored for Fastlane, but it seems like a Mania match to me. Goldberg's second run with WWE has been great, and KO could get some great heel heat, retaining via heel tactics.

Triple H vs Shane McMahon- Street Fight

With Seth hurt, creative is scrambling for a match for Trips. Although I don't personally care to see a Triple H match that doesn't involve Rollins, I think this is the next best thing. There's a lot of real life heat between these guys, and a hardcore-style match could be a nice change of pace.

Charlotte(c) vs Bayley- Raw Women's Title

A match that will likely happen in real life at this event, and one I'm fine with. Bayley ending Charlotte's pay-per-view streak should be quite a moment.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Imagine if these two guys actually faced off at WrestleMania. Just.........imagine it. AJ's been on an incredible run, and Shinsuke could pull a Sami, working NXT and Mania in the same weekend.

Dean Ambrose(c) vs Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews vs Dolph Ziggler- Intercontinental Title

WWE loves throwing random guys into an IC title match at WrestleMania. I could see a ladder match, but I'd prefer this fatal four-way.

Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker- Hell in a Cell

This is almost certainly going to happen in real life, and will likely be getting a better spot on the card. I know a lot of people aren't excited by this match, but I am. The build could be pretty great, with Roman looking to prove himself by stepping into Taker's yard. Roman would win, obviously, but rather than Taker passing him the torch, he takes it by force, cementing him as a tweener, which he's much better at.

American Alpha(c) vs The Revival- SmackDown Tag Team Titles

These two teams had great wars in NXT. SmackDown's tag division could use some work, and adding Dash and Dawson to the mix would certainly help.

Chris Jericho(c) vs Sami Zayn- United States Title

Canadian vs Canadian for the US Title makes all the sense in the world. Seriously, this could be an amazing match, with Jericho putting Zayn over on his way out.

Alexa Bliss(c) vs Mickie James vs Nikki Bella vs Becky Lynch- SmackDown Women's Title

Mania is rumored to be Nikki's last match, so why not go out with a bang? I would have Becky pin Nikki to win back the belt, and Nikki can raise the new champs arm afterward.

Samoa Joe vs Batista

This one's an easy sell. The Destroyer vs The Animal sounds like a WrestleMania match. A nice, crunchy strong-style esque brawl, with Joe going over.

The Club(c) vs Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar- Raw Tag Team Titles

Tell me you don't want to see Strowman and Lesnar teaming up to chase the tag belts. I would absolutely love to see Paul Heyman take over Raw, with two big monsters in tow.

The Miz vs Daniel Bryan- Loser Leaves SmackDown

We're getting into serious fantasy territory here. I don't see Bryan ever wrestling again, but if he could, this would be the match for it. Plus, The Miz getting his a** kicked is the proper way to open the show.

As for the Pre-Show, you could have the Andre the Giant Battle Royal, and probably some sort of Raw vs SmackDown women's match. Cesaro and Sheamus vs The New Day could also work.

What do you think of my WrestleMania card? Did you like the order? Think other matches should be added? Feel free to contact me on Twitter, or leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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